Dallas Fire Damage Repair Services

Fire Damage Repair in  Dallas

Repairing Damage to Your Home After a Fire

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Dallas Fire Damage RestorationFires in your home or business cause serious damage that can ravage your property. Fire damage repair in Dallas helps to remedy some of the consequences.

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A fire can cause immediately apparent damage like the loss of contents and structural damage, however the incredibly high temperatures can also cause buckling, swelling and warping of appliances, flooring, metal, plastic and anything coming in contact with the heat.

Repairing Fire Damage to Your Home or Business

Our fire damage repair services include:

  • Extensive cleanup of burned structure and property
  • Complete cleanup of soot and debris left by fire
  • Tearing out damaged materials
  • Replacing walls and flooring
  • Fix damage caused by firefighting methods (water, foam, firefighting chemicals)
  • Replacing structural framing, flooring, walls and ceiling
  • Water damage restoration to avoid mold and mildew

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Fire damage repair specialists from Regent Restoration understand the devastation fire can cause a home or business. Our experts are knowledgeable regarding the repair and replacement of flooring, walls and ceilings.

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Regent Restoration offers professional fire damage repair and restoration services to ensure that your home or business is returned to a safe, healthy, and structurally sound environment.

Fire Repairs with Regent Restoration

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For fire damage repair in Dallas, Regent Restoration has a response team available 24/7. Our certified on-site technicians rescue and protect assets, while preventing further damage. We provide immediate assessments using state-of-the-art fire damage repair equipment. When the job is completed, we clean the area so your home or business is back to perfect condition.

For fire damage repair in Dallas, call (214) 731-4624 or contact Regent Restoration online.

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